Turf War v4 Wrap

It is your fault. You have been following me around the forum antagonizing me.

iā€™m sure it feels that way to you

This is the most needlessly condescending shit I've ever read. Grow up man.

that might just be something else and this place isnt helping a lot

just thikning negative/dismissive thoughts is enough to actively impact your mental health


I have zero clue why you willingly remove YOUR ABILITY TO SHOOT IN WHAT IS EFFECTIVELY LYLO in a situation where you at least can make the claim that mafia refused to shoot in your neighborhood because they're targeting nmaGane, which is potentially mafia. BAZINGABOY KNOWS HIS NEIGHBORHOOD IS 50% TOWN, THE BEST GUESS FOR YOURS IS THAT ... IT'S SPLIT???

this forum needs to be renamed because I think a mass amount of the userbase have inflated their worth as "mafia players" because they're participating on a "specialty mafia website".

And note, my blame goes to the players who I can at least think can make some level of improvement. When I go out for lunch and I see a girl with down's syndrome with a "birthday girl tiara" I tell her happy birthday: that's how I see JCrispy.

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JCrispy is so developmentally disabled that I think he's basically a ward of the state and utilizing tax dollars to provide him some level of happiness is a moral good: pressing random buttons on his keyboard (quoting a post and typing - good post, hmmm, this is incorrect).

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I need a fucking Divine Mafia medal next to my goddamn name. Holy fucking shit.

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I think he's high which I guess is the same thing


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Apologies. I don't mind not hosting I just did it a lot because no one else was

Also saying im pretending to be afk to sabotage your prizepool when you have openly complained about being treated unfairly and it affecting your mental health is callous. If i need to take time off i need time off and anyone else could have copied the slist and hosted their own game


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