turkey quake

did toprak make it out of the rubble? has anyone made contact

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vanilla town said he was ok

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Turkey quake sounds like some sort of snack

Are we playing wow private server in may?

better not to vow than to vow and not play

Do you have the new teamspeak ip.

I just rolled an Unholy DK.

no what is it?

Secret, message me on discord

U ain't #plasma if u ain't committing human rights violations bwoi

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put it here?

Pm me

@Sammyboy isn't leftism so great you gave your spot away to immigrants. Ur such a nice guy America last bro

sure sec

love you brendan

i bought tarkov with a friend and we play coop and it's night and we s[pend 20 minutes figuring out where we are by looking at building shapes and alt tabbing to google maps

we find out we're near the "coop" exit which is fantastic since we're playing coop. we get there.
... great game

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got a problem?

get on TS i need you asian lagnauge skills