Twenty-two (22)

Hello all I would like to inform that only twenty two website users have read community guidelines and received badge.

This is not very good, how can one become community member without knowledge of rules and guidelines?

I hope that some of you readers will take time of your day to review these guidelines so that we may build understanding and connected community.

Thank you sirs

I read those.

thats gonna be a yeet for me dawg

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who are you bro

Real Bees?


Lame post but the title of the thread really had me on the edge of my seat

How do I read the rules?

i deleted the rules thread. there’s no rules, just dont be a cunt

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That is a rule

yeah but im not gonna make a thread for that

Good, as I refuse to abide and will feign ignorance.

I just don’t really believe in telling people what to do


And you shouldn’t either

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Way to stick it to the man after I stook it to the man