twin peaks general

Ian was in love with this show so naturally I won't watch it

Don't let someone else taint good media for you, I've made that mistake before

I ended up liking it more than LOST, which took huge inspiration from it

you're also a philistine so there's that to consider as well

How am I guided by materialism I own nothing

Shut up

david lynch sucks

jus bc an old guy has hair and smokes does not make a cool man

david lynch is basically tim burton for people who cringe about liking tim burton stuff as a kid

ur either pro herzog or pro eisenstein pick one

he's dope i love it

Bzzt wrongo

whadya think happened to major briggz

I've read a little bit of stuff after my first watch but my guess is he got pulled into the (black? white)? Lodge due to his knowledge of blue rose/being right on the cusp on sharing info with Cooper, possibly by Judy or BOB. or there is no explanation and i'm looking for one where there isnt

where do you rank cronenberg among the davids?

above david crosby below david+david

what about the og david that killed goliath and sent dudes off to die in war so he could bang their wives?

where does larry david fit in

i would spit roast those daves