Twitch Streams

Do you watch twitch tv ? What do you watch on twitch tv ?

I watch greekgodx exclusively.

This weeks stream has been cancelled for Heroes III stream by theknownworld

That guy is uncomfortably good at HOMM3

just so you know that gamer you responded to would really like to play homm3 with someone if ur down

the live streams on my following page.

zai and aris are the only good streams on twitch

Don’t know who aris is but Zai and eternalenvy are certainly the only dota streams worth watching.

Don’t worry about it - he’s already seen my thread ! :slight_smile:

If you want to play though…

tyler1 is questionable…

I watch Haxity stream :^)

“Thanks for watching everybody - see you guys later”
Sounds like a nice stream

homm3 takes too long for me, no time for long games these days :frowning: sorry

i like a lot of the Korean streamers like febby/sunbhei

Merlini entertains me

EE is good too also he once called me the only poster on nadota w brains so I gotta be loyal to the fans

I still watch sexybamboe stream for some reason lol

i only watch my own stream

distortion2 also has good streams

he speedruns darksouls and a bunch of other triple a games

@anon82208883 when is the next stream?