Two Dee Three - Day 2

The town awakens to no deaths overnight.

Day 2 Start

Day will last until 2019-04-07T10:00:00Z or majority lynch

Alive Players.


Majority Lynch is 5

@mafiabot startday 3179

@Gamut What's your result

No talking

@mafiabot Lynch klaze

You're a fucking retard

@mafiabot lynch @ian



@SOPHIE @ian make some good cases here @gamut info?

@sdadasdas what are your reads and why aren’t you the lynch today



Either lynch Ian or lynch me



Ian clearly doesn't give 2 fucks about who's getting lynched as long as it's not him



rather him than me i guess

post #668

Apr 5, 1:59 PM

Easiest day ever, don't give mafia pr reads, vote klaze

He went completely awol until the very last second (Kyle was typing at the end and could not submit his post)

Don't give mafia pr reads? Did you get jailkept tonight buddy?

Exactly the kind of thing a mafia would want to talk about

Yeah because trading 1 pr for 1 scum is very bad for town

Are you saying it's scummy to lynch a <100% town over a 100% town?

I don’t think he is you just executed it all in an extremely scummy way

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After saying you'll take a Lynch and waiting until it was too late for Kyle to change his vote yeah

Jailkeep doesn't confirm a scum regardless