Two Dee Three - Day 3

The town awakens to a bright and sunshiny day


Day 3 Start

Day will last until 2019-04-09T01:00:00Z

Majority Lynch is 4

@mafiabot startday 3179

@mafiabot lynch klaze

games over @nyte

good job

i like to think i remained cool and, levelheaded throughout

@nyte who did you block :thinking:

mafia could have no killed too

Would have given town a lynch

And left jk alive

I would like to take a moment to express my disappointment in epok dan

Another moment for kyle

Wait no Dan lynched krazykat

I got sidetracked by the personal betrayal

Why are you so certain youre not mafia

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Are you kidding me? Maf no killed and I no jailed? What are the odds

? I pushed for a scum lynch all day yesterday and u didnt assist me once. Only begged to be pocketed

Thats better

Tough day today can we get some reads on people and hold off on a lynch yet

Last ones in klaze ian bboy

Mafs so dang fugged