Unarmed Forces Thread

Post here if you are part of the unarmed forces.

DO NOT post here if you are part of the armed forces. Dont doxx yourself

Volume by disks and washers - incredibly easy. I was afraid of this shit since calc 1 because the lecture is 4 hours long. However, it is a fucking joke. As is the rest of this class. Its all easy.

Nithijf is hard to learn. It is all easy.

Guess ill have to invent new math to encounter some fucking sifficulty.


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how do you type unarmed?

The more i do math the easier it gets to learn. Does that make any sense to you guys?

dont be a cunt



Unfortunately captain it seems as his logic is sound.

he's asked that you not share personal information about him. try being funny or clever instead idk.

After he shared it himself?

Ive played dota with him, he isnt human and doesnt deserve respect

@Osiris will confirm this

confirm what?

I mean @alightsoul , sorry all you people ate the same to me

you guys find really weird things to fixate on between each other

hard to stay mad at each other with how cute all you guys are though

that's not how this works

eat my ass

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Jcrispy and anime dude before the beef (which one is which?)

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