unbridle this wild mustang


upgrade my trust level or im gonna stampeeeeeeeeeeeeedd

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Ask the mods.

God damn marshmello is underrated



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are you not in the lounge?

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Does anyone know of any other forums that are better than this one?


I can't live on social medias or reddit etc.

Thehaloforum was good 10 years ago

RA had a forum until like 2012 when it was replaced with a comments section after todd burns left

and then they added -/+ votes to comments so you could bury brigade people

one time i typed something that got upvotes

and Eddie Fowlkes agent used to pm me trying to get me to book him becauseone time i typed that I liked sex in zero gravity

then they scrapped all of it because of too many raging drunk misogynistic brits typing shit at people like Jayda G

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Something awful?


it's not auto because your account is lacking credibility in time invested.

but ontop of that, you've also posted repeat nasty shit about/towards other people on the board. i suggest you cease that behavior at this point, and not repeat it in the future

i've perused the site and i don't think this is going to work

thanks for sharing nonetheless

can't you like just hit the overide button and push me to the front of the line?

i think i've earned it

i make more threads than anyone and everyone loves them including this one

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i already did
probably against my better judgement.

nice i gpt a new badge

this is the best decision you've ever made

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i mean the profile thread deserves an admin position

OMG I found a great flamethrower thread on that site years ago. Still tempted to build it.

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hmm still can't see it

oh well we tried