US 1$ coin

I just opened up an old Command & Conquer box and found a US 1$ coin kek

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nice that is the best version of c&c

Kane lives

The ultimate irony behind users like @KrazyKat is that their main complaint about said group of users is for the purpose of attention, when these users completely shrivel up and stop posting when they're attacked in any way. I have read numerous funny posts by @insom. I have read numerous funny posts by @Plasma1337. And the rest you know who you are.

I have literally never read a good post from KrazyKat. They're never funny, they're never on topic, they're never even interesting to a greater narrative that he has been spinning about his own life. There is zero development and he might as well have as much representation here as the built-in discourse bots.

Cut this shit out. The elitism scares off all new prospects, and it's going to become a bigger issue for you if it continues.

Insom actually made the funniest post on the entire forum.


the man definitely vibes with most ancient greek thinking but can't quite climb that final hill

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Where’s my money


When jermany gives Poland it's reparations aka 2 Benz's 3 sznitzles 2 beers and an acre of land near Munich per Polak we'll talk

I'm sure Germany will be quite generous

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