US civil war

To my American comrads

People here in canadia (basically cali to the north)

Are all fearful of a civil war breaking out in the great u s of a. People are all here derp da capitol riots. While I'm sitting here thinking who gives a damn about that with all the blm hosers who rioted all year.

I honestly believe nothing is going to happen. What aboot you guys?

Iā€™m pulling up with the draco

ur gonna be ur momma's basement eating cold pop tarts


we're getting a curfew

I will be out there fighting for America if it happens

if a civil war erupts among these ā– ā– ā– ā– ā– ā– ā–  and spills over into a space where if affects me directly, then i may be applying for refugee status in canada

@Plasma1337 will you sponsor me like one of your prized Cubans?

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there is no one on this forum that would be anywhere near anything like that.

especially glass jaw homies like this

pro tip if you couldnt last 2 months without a haircut or jet skis you're going to fuckign love living in a conflict zone

ur from the burbs shut ur punk ass up

What, they said no curfews?

The golden Cuban at least has talent and value. Ur only talent is probably eating tacos

hey man no kek if human beings are being turned into spaghettios im gonna head the other way. i assumed that's what plasma inferred when he said civil war and not some chumps throwing bows on the street corner

We will cleanse America

you can buy t72 mbts from the czechs for 500k usd

personally i'm a huge fan of getting to play counterstrike and not live it

I want to play commie cleanser national offensive irl

Yeah you're right, Canada's a shit hole anyways not worthy of my talents.

Maybe I can get into Uruguay or Catalonia.

Oh I get it now. Yeah we are basically on 24/7 curfew kinda now. Lovely. Meh