USA thread

I hope there are mass assassinations

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Reduce federal contracting and general waste so I can vote blue and not pay more taxes for it

I thought about this and unfortunately don't think it's feasible without a centralized approach the FBI would be tapped into

Have you found a good church to attend yet?

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good shit and good luck

this is why jan 6 wasnt a joke, republicans are legit fascists who want total control

Unironically think we should just shoot all the politicians and abandon this dogshit constitution


Remember guys treat others how you want to be treated!!


What right of yours is being stolen Jdance? The right to have gay buttsex? You aren't having abortions.

Yes it is a good thing that my world views extend even to things that happen to other people


Is this - dare I say - Based?

Anyway soon contraception will be illegal

(2 states already have bills for this)

Having sex with condoms was disgusting anyway.

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Antagonizing people who aren't able to fix the problem directly is a bad solution in terms of bridging divides and fixing this thing

Breaking it without a solution or shared goals in mind won't help

Condoms - disgusting, should be illegal
Cigarettes - disgusting, should be illegal

Abortion - won't meaningfully change, they overruled a court decision which was objectively wrong (doesn't matter what you believe morally, in terms of how the government works it was wrong) leaving option to states who will mostly continue to allow abortion as that's what the people want

Mostly? In 25 states it will be illegal within the year

Youre insane!

On the other hand saying "There should be assassinations/bloody riots" is absolutely wrong and more evil than any of the above

In 6 months we'll be owning slaves again in Alabama. The Republicans are fascists and want total control.


Tucker is going to say abortion bad and then it will only be allowed in blue states. Its really that simple. We are currently in an all time most polarized state