Useful/interesting information collection thread

Post information or thoughts or ideas you find useful or interesting that you come across.

We can curate an nadota compendium for life.

Jellyfish are real life immortals

Oh I saw an interesting article about ai limitations I should find that

consciousness is just the byproduct of a material body

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the girl from the infamous "5 black guys 1 white girl" meme had her baby shaken to death by her bf who is still awaiting trial

Hows it made smarty pants

The computer model for brain is running its course still no answer

Before computer it was telegram before telegram it was machine after computer find God

Milk, milk, lemonade. Around the corner, fudge is made.

if you repeat ”i want to kill myself” with phone around you’re bound to get some mental health ads next time you check instagram

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I don't have Instagram

Getting enough sleep, and drinking enough water are two of the simplest ways to improve your health and mood.

Comfortable shoes, a comfortable bed, and a job you like are three of the simplest ways to improve your health and mood.

You spend most of your life wearing shoes.
You spend one third of your life in bed.
You spend one third of your life working.

Tell me I am wrong.

You are wrong do more drugs

You aren't wrong, I especially agree with the comfortable bed one. But also remember to invest ~20% of net income into $SPY, periodically. It even has a dividend. If you don't believe me ask Wingi.

I know nobody clicks videos but I found these useful/interesting so they're actually on-topic

Something I wanted to write a paper about:

Language is so systematic, that even the way we develop slang can follow systemic patterns. In recent years we have done it by changing the transitivity property of a verb, making a strictly transitive verb into an intransitive one.

When you say "a knight slayed a dragon", with the literal meaning of "slay", you cannot omit the object "dragon". It would be ungrammatical and a native speaker would never say so with that meaning. However, to generate a slang term we changed this strict transivity to intransitive. "She slays" or "slay, queen". "I crushed a bug" could not omit the object "a bug" with this meaning, but we generated the slang by making it intransitive as in "I went mid and crushed". English speakers love generating slang this way.


Exactly. Big tech will solve all of our problems, including the education bubble.

"Don't follow your passion" - Uh oh