Valentines day 2023

What are your plans?

Jerk off into a sock and think about my next Dota move


Ruminate. Loathe. The usual

im alone

Feel like my mental state/mood in general is pretty poor lately. Not related to valentines day

Not really sure what to do. One of those situations where u just do a bunch of wrong stuff and then are like "Ugh what do I do??" I suppose


You are our holy shaman

Try to work out go for walks don't play Dota unless ur super depressed

Why dont you all spend time with your girl

not gay sorry

we've all been there, hope things get better

She had a bad day at work.
Waiting for the weekend.


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My [ex]wife mailed me an amazon box that had some chocolates, so I used uber eats to deliver some chocolates back to her.

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no wonder your such a pathetic excuse

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how was your valentines day?

No Saint Valentine is not in the Coptic Synaxarium, therefore he gets a pass

how was your february 14th of 2023?

I don't have a "girlfriend".

you have a wife though

how was your day?