Years ago when ranked first released
I, valve the gangstalking maker of MATCH MAKING ALGORITHMS
Was building a unspeakable evil
But a NYC microphone warrior using
A magical team captain language rose to 5.4k.
Before he finally hit he leaderboards and gained recognition
I implemented a forced 50 algorithm and flung
Him into 4k where my dota plus is law.
Now the fool seeks to return to DIVINE for the 10TH time
and RAISE AWARENESS OF the pay for play ranked algorithm that is dota plus.

Valve finally removed the bullshit of % based bs from stats. This is the the dota i remember. I am back. REFPSI videos are back. See ya in Divine again.

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Good luck and God bless.

dota is fun now

refpsi on that good not fucking around kush

REfspi your recent vids are all left ear only

thought the man was rightist

This game is so weird now. It's more like an arcadey team fight simulator than DotA.

It's also odd in that somehow I haven't encountered a single peruvian on USWEST to my knowledge.

nah it still feels like dota

hmm my old headset broke i got a new cheap on prob why imma try n fix it

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Saved him with your eblade

no way, my ulti did 40% more damage cuz of it, and my sb's ulti did
plus e blade deos 125 + (int x1.5)

therres no way he was even that close to losing duel if i didnt eblade

you got fucked twice

yea but i sent the message loud and clear, he aint ever gonna get the jump on me like he did the first time, plus we won the game. We had that man shaking when we put the moves on him .

the only message they got is you are easy gold

@REFPSI if you simply played better and built up more bonus finger damage you could have killed him

@REFPSI u want me to change ur title to VALVE SLAYER?