Anyone ready for the war in CHIRAQ tonight?

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Lol they decided to continue deliberating

Rahm isn’t running for reelection of course. What a mess. I wonder if the riots going to be in the loop or in front of the Trump tower

damn they got him guilty.

Guilty of shots 1-16
not guilty of misconduct


Lol thanks for the flash update. This is gonna be fun to watch

So guilty second degree murder,
guilty assault for the 16 shots.
Not guilty of misconduct.
Not guilty of first degree.

uh oh they out to city hall, chicago might still burn.

yeah people are still going to be really mad that he wasnt guilty of misconduct

nothing will happen

yeah no real riots, everyone in the loop was pretty worried tho. trains were packed like half an hour before the verdict lmao. theres been nonviolent protests before and Chicago deployed way too many cops today for anyone to think about trying shit either.

I feel like people being upset would effect the crimerate atleast a bit but I’m just a stupid bystander so I don’t really know – the only thing for sure is that we have a lot of crime and people upset at cops already lol

people rly hate your mayor to be fair i do too

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chicagos still continuing to grow at a pretty fast pace and has improved like ~20% since he took office in 2011. you can probably attribute this to the talent in chicago and how good our sports teams have been but idk. Crime rate hsa definitely gone up and im not happy with what the CPDs been doing about it either

what do you mean by improved 20%? and what does that have to do with the sports teams?

a lot of chicago’s commerce directly comes from the huge bar scene which is heavily influenced by the teams, theyve been slowly rising in popularity since around like i dunno 2013/14? while the blackhawks had a little dynasty going on in hockey

the gdp of chicago has improved by 20%

This is what I meant pretty much, wasn’t sure what metric you were referring to.

yeah didnt realize i left the word out when i went to go check how much the gdp has improved