Vanilla Town - Singleplayer Mafia

Wouldnt happen to me because i am a light sleeper

you will never get the s rank


rip 8

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Post solution to 15

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seems you don't need it


did you need something

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AI assisted scores? Not sure if this is valid.

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Is it really possible to do this in 16 moves?
There's no way in my imagination.

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No you can see that the map the AI is using isn't even correct and its moves are invalid.

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i read it as an example of what the moves he wanted me to post would look like
not actual moves but honestly its very hard to tell his agenda a lot of the time.

alas i did it from like 96 moves to 4..2? i forget what exactly it was
but my first attempts 50 was like my max efficiency
and then i came back to it the next time and it was fairly easy for me to approach a different pattern than i had been. it was very clear that there was plenty of room for efficiency to expand. the first run my circles were just too big, brain bad. but i never did any move counting when i was solving, just not the way i work

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So what is your lowest moves?
I can't get better than 45.
I circle a lot.

Forum's top sokoban player train of thought

Does this mean I will not get the reward for being the first to complete all with S ranking

The last one is 46 for a B, 43 for an S (best possible route), I think there might be a 45=A by going the wrong way around but basically once you can get the 46=B it's the same route but with a slight optimization after move 30 to get the best path

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that was my point

it must suck for you, though.


sucks for you

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