Vanilla WoW Raid Leader Nominations Thread

When we start 40 man namafia raiding on vanilla WoW’s official release, who do you think should be raid leader? After an appropriate nominations process, we shall put it to a vote.

I nominate big-benny

dotakyle has been training 10 yrs for this moment

as has kzz

I propose a dotakyle-kzz joint leadership team with the rest of us following their whims blindly


A raid leader must stay calm and collected, a trait Kyle infamously lacks. Benny, on the other hand, is the calmest, most level-headed thinker on this forum

Jdance along with myself are the only people who has played WoW on a high level and should be considered as the only candidates for this position

Personality matters little if you are unable to play the game at an optimal level

I can’t even manage myself why would you assume me capable of 39 others

I thought kyle, mimick, kzz, Mason, bunch of others who posted in the old thread were all top players

This is a good thread btw ewiz good luck

Mason and Justin were pretty good. But they don’t post anymore otherwise I’d be mentioning them

yo i want in. Im a shaman and i do my own shit in raids. Kinda A.D.D. but i get shit done. Essentially fill every roll minorly.

Heal, Tank, DPS, I can do it all.


I’ve never played wow or any mmorpg but winter is coming so I’ll have more time in the coming months

I’ll be the dps who is solidly top 5 and gets all the mechanics right but never talks on mic. All I do is /roll and occasionally add a humorous interjection in chat

i will be ranged dps officer :cn:

272 lmao

I wanna play vanilla with everyone

I’ma be a pally if alliance or warrior if horde.

We will be horde

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cant wait to get those raptor heads in the barrens

God I hate horde