Vertical Mouse

Got this today ((mx vertical mouse))

Feels way better. Playing dota is fine. Playing csgo or shooters is completely different, its like ur using a fucking joystick

My man looks like he's holding it at 90 degrees like a loon

its better for you

If you actually do that you will fuck up your shoulder over time by how hunched forward your mouse arm/shoulder is for that angle

If you can't puff out your chest and sit up or your device requires you not to do that you shouldn't do it

surprising enough it makes me sit up straighter to use more accurately

listen here ■■■■■■. I like it, it feels better for me. suck an egg

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only a ■■■ would like this mouse

im a ■■■ then

do what feels right



don't tell your grandma how to suck eggs :slight_smile:

cope how you like but i warned ya

also you seem more together than usual happy for ya


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turning my wrist perpendicular to the desk does not feel right at all for moving around

you have to try it, its the design of the mouse. Its less stress i feel it right away my wrists r messed up. Being pro and all

i got articles to prove the proness

as long as the desk and chair are the right height and i don't claw grip i've never had a problem

some people like their cucumbers pickled

i recommend it is all. I feel teh difference instantly

kek ranked up in csgo with vertical mouse