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So I found a way to get level 6 with offlane viper by the 5 minute mark lmao.

Will show you the video later when I edit it.

the trick is to cut creep wave with double stout + corrosive skin

ferry salves from courier to sustain. basically a ranged axe.

I can not wait to watch this!

This sounds funny as fuck tbh im laughing irl

On topic: garbage hero


I am viper god

Funny it takes people forever to learn

are u playing unranked LMAO

playing ranked in 2019 lol

storm prolly gave him good gonks and modern viper is Good lmao

modern viper is cool but the old stacking poison was busted. RIP viper

I wanna see you on the top of the board next screenshot my boy

Yeah it was fun to ruin lanes for my opponents :^)

Guess I still can but Now I gotta manage my manners gg

greaves pipe ac mjol for retard LMAO that shit was hilarious

and my alch gave me an aghs at 20mins in

u dont die and u just do dumb shit during fights