Vote For Pedo Joe & Kamalla the Harris


this post is against the rules. id like to report it

Funny xD

How do americans actually look past his transgressions?

i dont really think many people do

its very much a 'which horrible choice do you hate less' type of election for almost everyone i know.

never understood the anti-clinton anti-biden narratives; can anyone summarize them for me? its not like i like them, but i dont know anything concretely bad about them either.

Whats horrible about that guy?

This is how any construction company executive is. Those fuckers are ruthless

The usual opposition is that they're establishment candidates (as if any viable option isn't an establishment candidate, whatever that means, there have been 2 hero presidents in a row and nothing changed and nothing will change). The gutteral reason is probably that they give an air that everything's fine when it's clear to most people now that things are not fine

However Clinton's a warmonger and they also belong to a cult of pedophile cannibals as numeta will gladly explain to you


yep this is about what i expected

Kamala is dogshit, but why use the term whore for her?


Kamala is awesome

That's the point I was making: the question was rhetoric

my bad for not reading the title of the thread i had no idea who you were referring to

yep just another high-position female's accreditation called into question

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Why did asoul leave the site

But this is a remarkably gendered attack, and, if you’re a sexist, a fairly brilliant one. It’s far more likely that a female candidate would date a powerful man than if the genders were reversed, simply because there were more powerful men than there were powerful women 20 years ago.


well, the subjective nonobviousness of its refutation is what makes it an effective attack.

I assume epok knows

i dont

Need Kyle to do an investigation

We accept these small moments of joy