w33ha + plasma @ epl

i think t.o.'s are one of the few things in esports that actually makes money

I'd like to see the numbers because i cant imagine ticket sales + merch coming even close to venue rental, wages for support staff, and equipment not to mention the prize pool. Im guessing sponsors cut most of their income

you might be right about lans. Im thinking more online. SA T.O's are why SA dota is what it is today. They carried that region imo.

Those cock suckers had NO money back then. That shit didnt come out of no where

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Yea well you can run an online tournament with a lot less staff/overhead. Im sure it's harder than it looks but you dont have to pay for a venue and fly your staff out to it

Im pretty sure sponsors cover most costs

i blame kat

yes , there used to be more and better sponsors

also purge:


Post the whole hog or ur pussy @Plasma1337

like lebron and china people are principled until it cuts into their paycheck

I really miss the Summit house games.

I would post a vid, but they deleted the best ones that included GrandGrant and Mason.

being a f*ggot bernie bro isnt principled LMAO


Plasma winning TI this year. You should sign these guys to a year long contract

there's no way valve would let plasma into the venue but #freeplasma signs at ti would be hilarious

why not? valve lets a lot of shit slide in their games that other companies like riot and blizzard wouldn't let happen or will pretty much instantly ban you for. i call people ■■■■ in cs all the time but if i say that in any other game its an auto mute

fa gs

prove it

hes talkiong about the approved narrative also hes your typical western sissy boy

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