w33ha + plasma @ epl

Its official!

w33 repping plasma for rest of this tourney. First match saturday or sunday LOLOLOLOL (its monday actually)

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4 nobies. Never heard of em.

ti finalist playing for team plasma...

dota is fuck ing dead dude holy shit

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sammyboy throwing in group stage to dodge plasma..........

holy he dodged the plasma game in groups


i picked them of for playoffs

no its just im 100% correct about the economics of the game lol.

sammy heard the rumbling of Romanian plasma and he ducked..



not really, orgs just dont have as much money to pay players as they used to, covid fucked pretty much all of them in the ass

now people like w33 , literally TI finalists have to play for some drunk coked up quail farmer/sign waver

the game is finished

if valve doesnt inject some more cash into the scene and help run non TI events

honestly hearing that w33 is playing for plasma's team is fucking depressing the shit out of me

what happeneed to dota

dont worry the saudi arabia government will save the scene injecting their blood money into all the woke liberals like purge gamers


noooo there needs to be constant keynesian intervention in the dota scene!!!!!


oh nooo @Von just posted.

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Good, feel that way, I want the sadness to go through your bones. Plasma has broken the system. I want you to feel cold at night MwuhaHAHAHAHA!!!!
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Esports has been a bubble for a while now, some of these contracts are just obscenely bloated

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Inshallah the kingdom of saud will save us

Tournament organizers almost never make money on lan events and rely heavily on outside investors. There are no cable tv deals and shitty ticket sales and merch arent going to cover your costs unless you have the event in some shithole like bulgaria and hire clowns for your tech support like pgl