> Walk into karazhan

Entire raid of pugs picked up from LFM in greens
We lose 7 people on attumen because nma disconnects 20 seconds into the fight, i end up tanking it for 20 seconds straight
Die after being hit for 16k, i get brezzed by the Autistic scottish resto druid who is completely untillegible and needs a translator
Kill attumen with me solo dpsing a la 5 minute fight

Fast forward 7 hours and 25~ wipes
8th wipe on prince, got micheal and chris talking about their yearly pay checks and tinder bitches on teamspeak, last brink of sanity has left me

Nma pulls the boss for the last time
We pop hero on phase 3
We finally kill Malcheezar
Malchezine drops, he instantly gives it to me

Make a steamvaults rep group, wipe on first boss twice and go to bed.