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Not buying this I think - it’s just looking like its going to be a graphics upgrade like SC remaster. and if it’s the same as the SC remaster you could still play multiplayer with old version players.


Looks like they’re rebalancing gameplay too but idk if that will be good or bad

I watched some gameplay on twitch and it’s just Meh. It doesn’t even look that different graphically. The trailer is all just CGI

shit dude I wish this was out already so I could host a community game night #2, this shits gonna be so much fun.

I’ll probably be trying to do another quakeworld one either this month or the next - last one was casual and a lot of fun, but needed more ppl

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very excited.

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We can do it in normal wc3 dude

if someone would like to set that up i’d be glad to join! just need to dig up my old cd keys or torrent the client.

im excited but conflicted as well. i sitll play ocsioanly and watch ffa matches. maybe it will revive the custom scene?

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I have played the sc remaster and can assure you that somehow the game has even less hype than when the remaster was out lol only thing going for it is the fact that the game being free to play meant that brs could play 1v1s so ladders still fine

cant wait to play some bootleg dota in wc3 remastered custom games

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That would be real dota

Footmen frenzy in 4K baby

:poggers: :poggers:

really hoping there is good channel support, clans and customization

I bet $5 blizzard ruins custom games

Unironically buying this just so I can play DotA 3 -apem us/ca pros only!@!

ima be the best dbz tribute player watch me

i was like one of two good people on w/e the two popular host bots were for a while fuck i loved that game

its like ruined tho by good metal coolers

I am playing this for the lore