Looking forward to it

i’m beyond fucking hyped right now. i forgive them for charging $15 for vanilla just take all my money

Who cares

Shut up retard

diablo on mobile :gnomegalul: :gnomegalul: :gnomegalul:

fucking dolts

Warcraft 3 was never a good game

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30 dollars is a bit much…

Your wrong.

for a remaster that we already all bought i agree

They might try to force it to be some type of Competitive Ranked game though since you get custom hero skins
with the deluxe 1000 dollar prepurchase something

pre purchases are so fucking stupid

i’m sure there will be ladder built in (hopefully) since they’ve been tweaking the old wc3 shit and patching it

i think they said map editor would be included as well

It looks very like a Very Advanced remake - It might not even be compatible with the old map files. (definitely won’t be able to play multiplayer with old game client though)

I didn’t even think about old map compatibility, that’s an interesting idea. Would be sick but i probably wouldnt expect it

Old maps will definitely be compatible they would be retards not to make a second newer format for new maps instead

Looks like they’re angling for it to be more of a real comp game though and not the same thing. I feel like that’s where grubby and his ilk are pushing blizzard to go with this

Competetive game (farm neutrals)

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galaxy brain take

burning was no competitive player, that guy farmed creeps all the time in dota