Anyone playing this (((Free 2 Play))) game?


You a shill now or smthn?

should i even try this? i like grindy kind of but how long is it going to be before the game becomes a chore

if u have friends who play it its fine if u dont its soul crushingly dull till later

Saw it, looks fun, not gonna play it

Updated review of the game:

Game manufactured with twitch shilling in mind.
$200 premium patreon content.
Planets give you that feel of that one space game with that one guy Shepard and that N7 logo you see on the shirts that faggots wear in public.
Literally anyone that plays this game on twitch with 100+ viewers is partnered and listens to europoor music as they grind through the game.
I have little to know understanding of what to grind and farm for because everything that drops looks like ammo to me.

So I’ve played this game on and off since closed beta.
The real issue is that even though I prob have a few hundred hours in the game, there’s just so many systems on systems that I don’t fully understand some.
That said despite having some on the surface scummy things like paying premium currency to speed up build times, overall its pretty fair f2p model. You eventually can be building so many weapons/frames simultaneously that the wait is whatever. And if you want to deal with trading you can make plenty of premium currency off other players.

Either way I’ve tried to get into this last 2 “open world” expacs but i lack direction as to what they want me to do. Something something farm rep, do bounties, farm focus, level up new frames weapon for MR.

Also the twitch bait was because they did an event again where every hour you watched a partnered stream play warframe you’d get an in game drop from a table. Its over and so their twitch numbers are way down. I only watched a bit of some of the variety streamers who I already don’t mind play.