Warlock Discussion Thread

Discuss all things related to Warlock here.

Turn of auto bumps @SOPHIE

Wish you guys used it. We had some pretty good DotA players coming on like a month or two ago. I turned it off

There haven’t been any significant patches to spur any new hero discussion

Valve killed warlock with the removal of stats.

Yeah I blame me for this actually. All info you guys share seems new to me when I know there’s regular DotA players who aren’t interested in talking about their approach on a hero anymore. I’m sure there are other returning players besides me interested in what you guys could share but I shouldn’t expect any discussion if there wasn’t an impetus to discuss a hero outside of the auto bump. Feel free to share your old builds in one of these threads tho, Im certainly interested. Would be nice to have some Grimstoke convo too

Warlock Mid.

This is how I got 700 MMR in a week and a half.

can I see ur odtabuff

n-n-normal skill