Weaver Discussion Thread

Discuss all things related to Weaver here.

Follow mason’s builds.

Do NOT miss mason replays, either. He’s on this hero at least once every stream.

whats masons stream link

formerly masonmjw

not saving past broadcasts…

Check his dotabuff and youtube VODs


Google it

i thought u were saying he has his own channel


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Thanks for sharing this, neat insight

So he’s getting phase boots or brown booting it?

he goes no boots probs

I hit 4.7k on this champ in the offlane today

I am so fucking drunk and it’s 7:30 holy shit lmfao

second best carry right now i think, behind tb prolly

whats your usual build

Obviously you just follow the Mason build. I watched him play Weaver the other night. Sadly he had no fight starter on his team so it got squirrely. But still he did really well in his lane, so you know…

yea mason build is rlly good, see above in thread

i do like linkens a lot but like 3rd/4th item