Weight loss thread attempt #14

Dropped pin

High test higher muscle mass. Muscle mass requires more calories to maintain. Higher tdee means you can eat more without gaining weight, and therefore you lose weight faster than you would without the muscle mass

makes sense to me

ibdont think fat woyld require calory to maintain

this is rerardpostintlg at its finest

is this for real

Yes i left him there. Obviously the current might have slightly changed the exact positioning. I doubt he will ever be found

He said he liked to use Rust


Rust with jones would be so fucking based....

It will never happen bros.... he will never do it.

survival crafting gamerclub

@jdance winter is tough. i'd suggest disc golf if it wasn't cold. that's what helped keep me under control i always hated cardio or lifting

you could always start eating less garbage and walking that usually works. oh and dont drink diet pop that shit is garbage

Winter is usually good for me and in summer i gain weight. Idk just lost control of my life

go and murder someone. its the lifehack for the fastest amount of test by minute

legitimately not even a joke

jdance should i just ban this clown

No he is behaving well

It's literally not even a joke. Physical confrontation boosts test by a lot