Weight loss thread attempt #14

Day 1: 267.8lb


i personally listen to this and do a bit of bench pressing and boxing bag punching. works for me

also i kill other human beings.

Could you imagine constantly going between fat fuck and slightly fat fuck

you really need to stop surfing whatevee the fuck you surf to stumble upon this shit

This is the nicest thing youve ever said to me.

This is also the fattest ive ever been, and heading into eggnog season. Turbulent times ahead.

wait you listen to good music?

Do you reckon if i stopped jackin it id be able to lose weight?

ye u got a problem bro?


where the fuck is jones im losing it

other people find it weird when you cover yourself in shit and light yourself on fire in front of them

yes. not jacking boost test by a lot. and i think theres some correlation with high test and low fat/high muscle

i can tell you this because i havent jacked in almost 3 weeks and im the angriest ive been in years.

i just assumed you listened to lana del gay and effeminate weaboo garbage

no i listen to everything i like. Really not a music snob

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What does test have to do with weight loss

I know the answer but i want to know what you thinj

i have no idea at all but when im high test and not jacking off i tend to lose fat and put on muscle. also my hair looks better