weight loss

thats the goal so i can get honorary yankee citizenship but not have to pay taxes to uncle sam when working globally

pretty sure weight loss has more to do with gi health and balance

if ur system is fucked up ur not going to digest well, and it's going to cause all sorts of dysregulations and hormonal swings that generally tell the body to store fats

that being said moderate to high processed-sugar-anything is going to be a huge factor in slogging your system

Abuse crack or amphetamines like a real american

Use essential oils

its all about CICO

thats it

calories in, calories out

everything else is secondary (exercise, type of food eaten, fasting, etc.)

Thats so bro science

its not even true

Anyone else have a new and effective method of losing weight? Weve covered most of them but you guys are missing the newest and most effective tech

Glp 1 agonists

My name would look so cool with a mod icon next to it

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what happens if you omad (one meal a day) but eat half of it for lunch and half for dinner


I ate a cool ranch papadia

Shouldnt have



■■■■■ u would



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all that does rly is mess with your body going into different forms of fasting

beast mode