weight loss

Found a really good way to lose weight, my beer belly is melting away.

Eat 1 big meal a day. Been doing that for 10 days now and holy shit. Finally something that works. Ive been working out gaining muscle but couldnt lose the beer belly now its just melting away

How many weight loss threads have there been

Too many

Thinking of making one myself

ur gay

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ur turbo ghey

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if you're drinking less because you're eating less meals it could be related

omad (one meal a day) is cool and can work if you can do it.

you can go ham and eat a rly nice meal since its ir only one, doesnt feel like dieting

the main benefit is you feel less hungry the rest of the time

its super inconvenient tho and gets old fast , or did for me

When I lost 40 lbs I just did two square meals a day (lunch dinner) and just cut out alcohol, sweets and any sugary drinks.

Didn't really focus too much on calories or macros or anything.

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I dont drink much anymore im also a fat fuck that lovesw fast food.

Like i could eat mcshit daily

never been into sugary drinks but alchohol doesnt help being full of sugar

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Quitting carbs is way easier said than done

I’d be careful with the one big meal thing then. You might be slowing the fuck out of your metabolism

Weight loss for a majority of people really is about diet control. You’ll have a way easier time losing weight by forcing good eating habits like good meals and timing. Cutting carbs is absolute hell but you get used to it and then you shed weight like no tomorrow

its the only thing i found that rly works. Im gonna keep going until i cant. I had 3 burgers from mc dicks last night too so im breaking a bit lolol


You are mega addicted to carbs l

Its been 17 hours, time for a cheat day

a true american hero