Welcome back : Jones!

Jones new account: @CulturedUrbanite
Everyone give him a warm welcome.

welcome back! be sure to read community guidelines and sign up for the 2022 spring mafia pro circuit! see you on the field!

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Omaha sucks.

He still lives in Alabama, his name is a doxx regarding one of the other users here.
@Osiris I recommend changing his name back to Notjones, as that user does not appreciate his location being spammed here.

let him keep his new name without the location

Welcome new user! @sdwertyu

Which goy is he

I don't know hahahaha.

PM me the ip location and I'll tell you

This feels like that episode in Powerpuff girls where the world goes to night time and the boogeyman and his cronies come out.

Seriously where is he from? I'll tell you who it is.