Welcome back to the Forum Goyclub

Warm welcome back to the Forum

I believe that Daniel, Kyle, and krazykat owe you reparations. Also nyte is gone (she's batshit crazy)

Welcome back!

Your not funny.

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Be nicer or you will be banned agai

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He's right you are a niger. Hahahaha You're a Niger. You're a Niger Hahahahahahaha.




@goyclub what's the play here the soviets almost have me completely surrounded with paras dropping on key points west and southeast

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also welcome back! be sure to read community guidelines and sign up for the 2022 spring mafia pro circuit! see you on the field!

Forum mafia is favorite computer game of all time, tied with Dustforce.


I know you're trolling when you say it's tied with dust force

Dustforce actually is my favorite game.


Mafia is tied with Dustforce because they both bring out the best things in me as a person. Two sides of the same coin.


gamer moment

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Thank you. It took me around 70 hours to get the achievement. (Double S rank of all levels of the base game)

Your a troll

It's Got good movement mech I haven't seen in other games but the core loop...is it FGoaT tier??

It's the single best platformer ever made.

Stop trolling

It's not a joke. I seriously think it's a masterpiece, you can ask anyone that talks to me regularly - I never stop talking about it.