What are some good beginner heroes For Crusader rank?

I just finished my calibration games and i calibrated to crusader 3. I like playing mid and offlane, what heroes do you recommend for me to play in such rank?


It sounds like marci is always the play


Dragon Knight is a good beginner hero :)


Marcis a killer 3 and 4 first. but yeah definitely busted. almost guaranteed kill at lvl 2 if you skip lifesteal. offlane underlord/bristleback is really strong too and beginner friendly. and centaur.

if you wanna go mid pick od and rush meteor hammer. or pretty much anything where you can clear the small camp near you and waveclear mid works at that rank. Alchemist would probably own at that rank if you practiced him a bit since people don't really end or farm optimally. Probably Tinker Silencer for beginners. with a little practice Pugna/LC/naga/sniper could work.

Underlord and Necro are monsters and really hard to kill.

Thanks, i already play LC offlane, i'll try marci and maybe tinker too

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