What are you drinking tonight? (Alcohol Thread)

Probably going to drink some Mike's hard lemonade tonight. Excited

It's my friend dan's birthday. Gonna open a bottle of red wine and play board games all night


Very good

i like vodka personally


Nice. Vodka is a great drink

Drinkings bad for you so I dont

Drinking has never hurt anyone

getting together with my best friend who i havent seen since quarantine started, gonna destroy a 30 rack of natty ice


Who are you drinking with tonight jdance?


I was asking seriously

I don't drink.

I made this thread to harass ewiz. I hope he starts drinking again

yeah i figured that out

why tho

i dont like ewiz either and i was very annoyed by his crusading around regarding the whole nyte situation, but hoping someone relapses into alcoholism isnt very nice of u

Because for some reason I can't get my account deleted so I'm going to continue to harass ewiz until that happens

why do you want your account deleted

I have three alcoholics in my family. I know how devastating alcoholism is. That's why I'm wishing it upon ewiz

Because ewiz being here makes the forum not worth posting on

didnt ewiz rage quit the forum along with nyte