What are you driving?

Mines forest green

Ours prolly look really similar, I'll see it soon to admire

Driving my same old vw gti. Love that car.

I'd switch for a tesla 3 but since I live in an apt complex I can't get access to charging in the garage

a bicycle from the 70s

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I don't want a nice car dude. I'd rather have a nice home with a study and shit, after that it's retirement and child college tuition savings

Trick question. They're all stud finders.

I mostly find cars to be a complete waste of money

I'd prob buy a Tesla though who am I kidding

Well like anything in life

Why am I giving my world view in a car enthusiasm thread?

That's very selfish of me. Keep enjoying cars and I'll leave you alone. I apologize


real commie vibes

they call it the soviet model

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y’all poor

I cruise up flexing the German whip in sport + mode (but y’all don’t know bout that) while u guys stuck in eco mode worrying about MPG n shit, my insurance cost the same as ur car payment broke boys

I wish there was a way for my cat to start up in sport mode. Does your do that yns?

missed the yns flex


I just flip the switch next to my UI controller in front of my middle console and it goes from comfort mode to sport mode, I got that bitch one more time and I’m in sport + mode

german whip huh, here we look up to the old style "American steel"



we all missed the yns flex

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