What are you driving?

just kickin it here in the 12th floor Office doing literally jack shit collecting 70k+ a year because you guys pay those health insurance premiums and I sit here and steal them premiums to fund my life


What do you actually do

wearing the same dirty ass shoes IV ebeen wearing all year because I don’t give a fuck

that's the classic video too

I thought you were getting 8k checks bi-weekly?

why? rates on cars are generally lower than mortgages arent they

nah less

Cars depreciate in value, houses not as much

And here I thought you were making 6 figures

i refi'd to house to 3.375% a few months ago and im about to buy a 2020 model 3 @ 2.49%

wake up at 10-11am, jerk off, roll into the office when I feel like it and play valorant

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at one point yeah

I used to know a British guy that imported classic american cars to Finland

that doesn't really influence on whether to finance them or not

I also run the risk of going to prison but it’s worth it

it's huge over here, old chryslers, chevys, dodges, what have you

how old is old

can I buy a bunch of shit box 1980s Chrysler’s for $500 and ship them to Finland to flip for Easy money


there are some prices, probably

friend used to have the most suspicious looking RAM we used to smoke weed in the back at