What are you driving?

jdance and i have the same car but mines 2014 and white

Mine is also a 2014

Did you have transmission issues

i bought it right after they replaced the transmission lmao

I've had 3 transmission replacements for free

Lol I had Japanese cars for last 15 years with having to replace zero transmissions

Haven't needed one since my last. I think they actually fixed it correctly, it was 30k miles ago now

Yeah this car is a pos

If I were to get a new used car it would be japan

Cars don't hold value. Property (generally) makes money. I don't like owing money in general. I haven't carried debt ever really because it increases risk and complexity in my finances.

I'm sure in my financial history it could have been better to min/max by having some debt at some point but I've been fortunate enough to not have to worry about that. It's worth the peace of mind in my books to not have anything hanging over me.

Thankfully, I've always been in a position to buy good used cars in cash but I'd imagine there are good reasons to finance if that's not the case. Still might cost more in the long run but there are probably reasons.

Wish I could justify a tesla but my wife has a hybrid she likes and I work from home ahhhh

2009 ford crown vic, former police cruiser, still has a bit of the reflective tape on the siding.

not that i WANTED a car like this, but my neighbour offered it to me for $1000 and also did shit like pay for a garage to inspect it and give me a set of winter tires, for free. how could I refuse.

also people literally never tailgate me at night on the highway, ever. it's wonderful

10/10 would recommend.

Some people argue you should never own a car at all and just lease them instead due to depreciation in value.

Leasing is only better if you drive close to 12-15k per year.

yeah that makes sense

Had a model S some years ago, sold it when I moved inner city

and yeah cars are a waste unless you live in the middle of nowhere or really like driving

Also have my shitty BMW and a Honda Civic.

2005 Honda Accord

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