What are your plans for the month of October? Goals?


livin life in the streets

basically i have no goals

i just have ambitions as a rider

My ambitionz as a rider…

I’m a str8 Rida…u don’t wanna fuck with me suspends your account

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Very strange.

Bean as happy as oossible



Wanna do more spontaneous stuff and get rid of some social anxiety but in reality I’m gonna be watching twitch in my bed every night woo


slowly progressing on my way too many to manage hobbies

Better time management. Bought some cute tech-free hourglass timers for myself to better keep myself in the rhythm of pomodoro

I’ve decided this month that I want to become an Intellectual.

To stop thinking about grad school and start going

may i reccomend some Jacques Ellul

  • No dota

I was just about to ask. You read my mind. Haha

Focusing on my breathing a lot more than usual.

you are now breathing manually.

i gotta fuckin meditate

Okay, that will be difficult…