What did you eat today?

I cooked some curry. It was simple but very good. Indian food is numver 2 behind mexican for me.

I am going to learn to cook a lot of new shit and post a lot in this thread.

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For lunch me and my dad made this https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/11814/linguine-with-seafood-and-sundried-tomatoes/

Instead of parsley and garlic we added extra red pepper as well as some black pepper. We also added calamari and used sea scallops instead of bay scallops. It turned out really well, taste was great.

For dinner we had this https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/80760/no-tomato-chili/

We used black beans instead of the other kinds of beans they recommended.

both of these meals were really good, recommend to anyone who likes seafood or chili.

Had one of these today.

Oh man. Today I made some peanut rice noodles with chicken, which is like a ghetto Thai recipe my mother use to make. I had two hot dogs with mustard cause they were free. Two smaller steaks from a top cap sirlion. An everything bagel with cream cheese. And I think I’m gonna eat some more right now…

What kind of pepper is that?

Don’t know. This just looks like what I have lol

thats a banana pepper

How hot is it? Bananas peppers look like that

I just picked it up from the store. Its taste is just random - Quite hot, mild, or somewhere in between.

Got lucky and had the one I chose to eat be a hot one! Hahaha

I can’t really eat raw peppers, they always upset my stomach. I do enjoy hot sauce though, I’m really enjoying sweet hot sauce at the moment. About halfway through a bottle of Big Fat’s 708 7 Pot Citrus.

I've been having a lot of cholula recently

Yes I drink it too

What are your guys favorite late night snacks? I’m always hungry but too lazy to make food.

when I was eating poorly my favorite late night snack was a foirth meal

This is what i want to do but im too lazy to make a meal. I just ate a muffin, some tortilla chips, and some peanut butter. Im fuckin hungyr

definitely a hardcore qv on this one

Try eating something other than carbs. Get some fat or protein. Also water.

No idea if this recipe is any good but matty’s a personal fave so I gotta try it eventually