What do you want to explore?

Let's say you could put your life, any and all responsibilities or obligations on pause, and have your ventures fully funded. What would you want to explore/experience? It could be anything- practical, impractical, useful, not useful...whatever. You could explore the Amazon, you could try to find Big Foot, you could try to find the best tasting sandwich in the United States, or you could explore an idea you're interested in. What would you do/what comes to mind?

I would like to make documentaries on the sociolinguistics of the Ryukyu islands, China, North America, and more probably. I would like to sneak a ton of bibles into North Korea to plant the seed for the North Korean Christian Revolution. I would like to start the Second American Revolution that destroys and removes the CIA. I would like to tour the world to find the world's best curry. I would like to finally meet my boss, George Soros.

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I wish.

this thread is for wishes

not sure if it's about me, but those huge gaps betweens important stuff happening for battle pass are making me feel like battle pass is over, like it's regular season

when something like treasure 2 + event is a disaster, Valve must act, we paid a lot for this and it feels like it's been a month without anything at all

Tibetan monasteries

my own butthole


You can join notjones.xyz for help with that

Hey :) what are you up to this weekend

real talk i like watching animals in nature. maybe a place where i can be like those people who live among the lions and be friends with all the animals.. or join a disaster relief project of some type.
i also want to be a big time twitch streamer endorsed by a burrito place :sweat_smile:

my room because i don’t like leaving it these days


i'd like to explore the middle east.

I would like to explore the cosmos. With dwarf fortress I'd never go bored in space

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I would like to explore what's going on inside my liver


Never played dwarf fortress but it always sounded fun.

It's certainly much better than all the clones floating around (Rimworld....) - a steam release is coming "soon" with a Tileset upgrade but really I still promote going for the original look. The ascii tiles are very well chosen for every unit and block.
Playing the game is an experience every Gamer should try once.

I've been having a lot of fun with rimworld..I'll try it


fuck yes

didn't even think of this. we can go to the misty shores after we explore every inch of this mofo