what happened to all the posters

ban goyclub

There’s no goy problem right now

Do not support any bans

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I’d say the big problem is a couple people that posted were encouraged to not post and this attitude was backed with staff action so the message was heard and now we have nothing interesting being posted

We need more Interesting People so I can be Entertained when I am Bored.

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Nothing happened - It’s the expected life cylce of the site, especially when the moderator is banning people daily.
The amount of people who come to the site, care about the community, and don’t act as it’s some sort of standup comedy exhibition can be counted on hand. It’s been this way since the Nadota.com forum. Nadota was dying and this site is just an extension of that. Most people just want to be entertained by “good posters” - mindless drooling screen time switching tabs between twitter and Namafia.
Nothing is new on the site, nothing ever will be. The people who care about the community are using the site less and less, because the rest of the userbase is just getting worse and worse.
There’s no thread without a chain of twitter link spam, the blog is completely ruined and almost dead, the general board is completely dead, only Gaming remains.

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you’ve ruined it

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Which threads would you say were your favorite from the old site? What would this community have to do to bring those back?

yall are over exaggerating

so long as theres a mafia game we good

best threads on nadota were the mafia threads

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site became a hotbed for ■■■■■■ worship.


Mods purpose should be to ban spam, not virtue signal with their choice of bans

Wow makes you wonder who wrote this post

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How do you mean?

Nice catch.

Unfortunately that’s all they do.

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the removal of jdance was a mistake.

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