What is Jdance?

What is really inside that mind?

  • He is a human like everyone else.
  • He is a robot.
  • He is a simulation like everyone else, only programmed to be faulty.
  • He is an attention seeking autistic man who needs help.

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close this thread; don’t make jdance threads please.

its a spam thread bitch

He’s a number of neural networks operating in tandem. The exact number I’m not sure.

Can we get a Spam™ Emoji ?

:spam: :spam2:

Your Scum

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Who the fuck makes anonymous polls

State your vote. Face me.

I voted “He is human like everyone else”

Calling those who have known me for a while @ian @im_cool_your_weird

he’s autistic but not attention seeking!

he needs help

I would argue that he needed help during the seasons of spring and summer 2018 (northern hemisphere) but he doesn’t need help now

Fuck those seasons

you seem to know better than I do so I will defer to your judgment

(northern hemisphere)

I don’t think Matt does it for attention as his #1 he’s always more worried about his self perception