what is stopping people from playing dota

rmm/role queue has been amazing for lower mmr players so why are we losing players?

Turn rate

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I stopped playing dota around 5 years ago

the main problem for me was the game was no longer fun once they made -em the default mode

a big part of what made dota interesting to me was the myriad of creative ways you're forced to employ a limited resource pool and it was interesting how subtle choices could effect profoundly variable outcomes

second thing I didn't like were the changes made to the map:

-too many ramps were added, more cliffs provide for more interesting hero interactions and movement

-the addition of cookie cutter eyeball cliff warding spots ruined what I would call the warding sub-meta game

-the map was made to be more symmetrical making the game less interesting in terms of radian/dire specific strategies

there's a whole lot more I could say, but basically it all boils down to valve wanting a game that was more action packed (more kills per minute) and entertaining to the everyman who just want to be wowed with lots of meaningless teamfights instead of it being a thinking man's game

maybe they've fixed all of my quibbles in subsequent patches, but I don't know and I don't care to find out either

the only thing that might bring me back to dota and try it out again is if they made an option to disable cosmetics


Wow i agree with pretty much everything here good summary.

The only problem with the old map was the location of Roshan and how it significantly favored Dire and their ability to teleport to multiple towers in close proximity to it. Often times even if Radiant knew that Dire was doing Roshan it was impossible to stop it even with smoke once their mid & bottom tier 1 towers were destroyed because of how far away it is from their next nearest structures they can teleport to.

I don't like how the game is solely focused around 5v5 teamfights the entire time now.

Next time you're watching a game pay attention to how many times there are hero deaths on opposite sides of the map at the same time.

It doesn't happen and it used to be a semi-regular thing and owed to the importance of global positioning and resource management. Now that's not even a thing because of all the extra item slots, nearly free tp scrolls, and the ability to tp to damn near everywhere with the advent of fountains.

I think if they wanted to put something like a fountain in the game maybe it should have just been an inert structure you can tp to that provides no other functionality and even then there shouldn't be 4 of them.

The slots are bullshit, if you want extra items you need to buy your own courier with a refresher orb and micro it in the trees following your hero around like Arteezy used to do.

Speaking of trees, they completely ruined all the tree-pathing by making pre-planned routes for you to follow and eliminated tango juking from the game.

Like DeMoN used to be super good at that shit and would play these ridiculous offlane windrunner lanes where he would buy a bunch of tangoes and then when he's low on life bait the safelane supports/carry into chasing him into the trees and then munch through a bunch of trees where he would shackle them and then maybe get a double kill with powershot.

I also don't like how certain items made certain heroes no longer unique and gave their traits to every other hero in the game.

I really don't like things like BOTS level 2 which to me encroaches to much on the special traits of wisp and pit lord. Same goes for things like Iron Talon which encroaches too much on things like CM's ability to jungle at level 1 as a 5 position support give their carry solo xp.

Valve used to make a lot of what seemed like carefully considered incremental changes that made the game better, but then they started doing so much weird and crazy shit after TI4 when at that time all they needed to do was add some more armor and maybe hit points to the buildings since DP + Rhasta pushes were broken.

Lol all of the above is wrong the only reason the game sucks is because they removed stats

Game sucked cause community was full of toxic mother fuckers for years. It didnt seem like it lately because im guessing they are splitting queues into assholes and not assholes. Also game doesnt feel as raw and pure fun as it did during original dota days. Everything is becoming super competitive, it is all about playing perfectly and executing to a T it became like a high percision sport that give you satisfaction from execution instead of from dumb luck.

beaners made me quit

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This was another significant factor in my decision to ultimately hang up the mouse for good.

if this is an actual reason u dont get matched up with south americans until like 5.5k and even then its not all the time

bots level 2 is 6k gold and almost never purchased until like 60+ minutes

iron talon was removed and so was pms

adding bots and tp scrolls only makes it a little easier to micro manage split pushing and lanes, its also 2k fucking gold and ur only buying it on really greedy cores

the game is definitely not solely focused on 5v5 teamfights, the game is dependent on how impactful your hero is in fights, 5v5 is pretty much only seen when taking rosh or going hg u dont just see full on 5v5 teamfights every 3 minutes

i dont think slots are bullshit, microing couriers in those situations is just pretentious imo, while slot management is, ur not going to be fully utilizing them unless u are literally the biggest fucker on earth as well as the fact that cd is much much slower

the new map solves this problem, rosh is only slightly favored for radiant this patch

i kinda agree about the cookie-cutter ward spots but like its not really a problem when u know those are ward spots which make them more likely to get dewarded, so good ward positioning is still rewarded

Yeah the bots level 2 thing is not really a big deal, but I still don't think it should be in the game for the reason I outlined; I should probably use a different example though I don't know what a lot of the new items are.

One thing I will never understand is why they changed sheep stick from removing evasion and created the "break" mechanic and stuck it on a shadow blade upgrade item? It's so fucking random.

I'm glad they realized at least one item they copied was a terrible idea
(iron talon stolen from league of legends)

Almost every game I've watched has non stop 5 man fights, not just when taking rosh or going high ground and the free tp scrolls and being able to tp everywhere enables it so I don't know what you're talking about. The game now more closely resembles starcraft 2 when people were massing maxxed supply armies and blobbing them at each other.

Although I will say it seems like laning has become more central to dota again, and there is not as much roaming. I'm not sure what changes they made but there was a huge problem for a long time where it seemed like there was very little risk of your supports becoming under leveled / under farmed from failed gank attempts and people were just running at each other non-stop - tomes & bounty runes contributed to this. I preferred the TI3/4 era where ganks had a huge risk/reward factor and needed to be executed precisely for them to be viable.

Slots are bullshit, you need to be forced to make difficult decisions and live with them. At the very least you should have to buy extra slots from the secret shop or something. Valve giving everyone free extra slots is just a symptom of mismanaged rampant gold inflation kind've like the federal reserve has been doing with our reel muney supply.

The new map does solve the roshan problem, but they changed way too many things in a bad way along with moving the rosh pit.

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i saw beaners eveyr game at around 4.5k playing on us west and us east

max behaviour score btw

That's because they're more pleasant to play with and have higher behavior scores than the americans

a worrying development

If u want to play with americans u gotta give really whiny passive-aggressive "advice" to all your players on the mic, type arteezy-isms in allchat and say something snide about how you're better than everybody in the mm bracket at the end of the game

no matter win or lose

I am farming my social credit score in Dota 2