What its like being BLACK in EGYPT

Biden made bidets federall illegal due to unfortunate joking about how similar the two are in name

the Japanese do too, @kukiyomenai can confirm.

We should have finished the japanese off

We use both..

Its interesting this nigerian guy seems to have had no issues at all in Egypt but this White guy did

The white guy had a 5 man crew and multiple bags of "equipment" - the nigerian went to 5 star beach resorts and filmed the "culture" on his phone.

Egyptians have invented water but theyre yet to invent paper to wipe their asses

I think the downside of bidets is that after you use one you have to walk around the rest of the day with a wet and soggy butthole

There's nothing wrong with that.

Are walkie talkies actually illegal you think?

Hahaha so true

It would make perfect sense if they were. Every single police officer/security guard has one on them.

my man

I am groot