What its like being BLACK in EGYPT

Hello NAMafiA,

I wanted to share a recent experience, I spent 2 months exploring the country of Egypt which was pretty cool. I learned alot about the people of Egypt and of myself. I was asked on one of my platforms "what is it like being black in Egypt?" this questioned confused me because I perceived to understand all of Africa are people of Color, so I made a response video to it on my channel. Its sparked some peoples ears, and opened peoples eyes so I am open to hear your thoughts on my experience being Black in Egypt.
Thank you kindly


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Rootless. Broken branch.

Agreed. I feel like that's the problem with most "african" american culture.

I am more African than this guy.

So I moved from Ethiopia to america and then left america to become a travel vlogger and now the sudanese dont want me back anymore

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You're a gayjin in Japan, what is the experience like there?

Have you seen Tokyo Vice?

No I don't watch movies.

I am rightfully recognized as a foreigner. I have to work hard to prove myself because of my dialect, my straight eyes and comparatively massive schlong.

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But when you do earn that respect they threat you as family

An honorable lifestyle. It's respectable to willingly live as a foreigner.

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I've seen this. It's a harsh critique of bureaucracy in military dictatorships.

Agreed. That was also my interpretation.

He is completely humiliated having to defend his use of a "back roller"

I completely forgot about that part - very embarrassing hahaha.
"What is this? Why you need this?"
I don't think a single person in Egypt has something like that in the house. It makes sense why they'd think it's a weapon.

You guys dont even have toilet paper. 3rd world country

We use Bidets, not Toilet paper.