What should I blow my UBI / STimULus monies on?

ITT post suggestions for how to spend stimulus checks.

You could invest in a blog, a lot of people are reading recently with the quarantine.

I don't think anyone wants to read what I have to write.

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Fuck Kold Fm

conveniently priced.

I bought lube with mine so far. I was really stressed when I ran out of lube.

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Go to www.VitaPLUR.io and get a pack of gum only 3.99

You like big things? Ive got something big for you

Iā€™m thinking bout using money to buy out Iranian cybercriminals and sic them on Daniel j Bernstein

Thank you for the thoughtful suggestions everyone, I've decided to allocate the funds toward slapping one of these e-bike motors

onto a Chinese open mould time trial frame of dubious quality, with any luck this contraption will see me check out in a blaze of glory

You'd be surprised, and blogs are shit ton profitable these days. Look up the income school on youtube, if you have the time to spare and even about 50 dollars to invest you can be making a good amount of passive income. Pick a good niche, find a niche where all of the competition bloggers are retards with poor design and articles. And then just start chipping away at it, it seriously only takes about six months.

I don't think you understand what the point of this stupid thread was, so politely fuck off.


Passive income lol

If I wanted passive income I would enter human trafficking in karnataka

I received my stimulus. Feeling very stimulated


I got a deposit from the IRS or something was that it? I still haven't done my taxes so

Unless they started doin my taxes for me. 798.15

Yeah that's it and I believe in your case they go off of your previous year's return.

You got about the same as me.

Gotcha. Find it interesting