What the fuck

Just found this forum with reaction emojis where somalians talk about getting smoothies on the campus

in english too lol


What is he saying? @Nmagane

Suck my fucking dick

Just found an official recruiting ground for ts.dev urandom eu

It’s a she and I don’t know half of the words. “Qabil-ist” means Tribalist I suppose, and shes saying goodbye and the others are saying bye back.

How many % of the posters are white dudes roleplaying as somalis? I’m guessing around 75%

At least. I’m four posters there



Ruby is one legged female, it’s useful in building Rails web framework and that’s it.

How does the second part have anything to do with a one legged female?

Wait is EpochPlaysGames henni? Python, without a doubt bud.